Observing the local legislation and accountancy regulations

“D M Account” offers thorough, optimized service in accordance with the local accountancy and tax regulations, the main of which is strict keeping the deadlines for submitting tax declarations and paying taxes. The main services that we offer under the terms of the current legislation are:

  • Accounting in conformity with accountancy and tax laws;
  • Preparing and submitting monthly and annual tax declarations;
  • Communication with the Tax Service and assistance in tax auditing;
  • Preparing information for the National Institute of Statistics;
  • Preparing information for the National Bank;
  • Management of financial flows and payments.

Each client works with a certain accountant, who works under the supervision of our experienced management team.

International and Group Accountancy

“D M Account” can make financial reports and management reports in accordance with the international standards IFRS or US GAAP. We meet the specific requirements of each client in settled terms of one month and three months. We can do a comparison between book-keeping accounts and the reports for the purposes of management analysis.

We offer services for making the accounts for the purposes of management and financial analysis. Our accountants work together with the client’s team in order to give full and accurate accounts about the management, made in the required format and terms.

Our information system enables us to generate accounts in conformity with the specific requirements of the client, allowing quick and effective comparing of data, multi-currency accounting and analysis of budget implementation.

According to the client instructions, our accountants team can provide the following accounts and data for making a management report:

  • Accounts for the period of 1 and 3 months;
  • Consolidated financial reports;
  • Reports for the financial flows;
  • Budgeting;
  • Analysis of cost centers;
  • Other ad-hoc projects.

Our services for salary processing and administering human resources data offer effective decisions for control, accounting and keeping the requirements of the current legislation.

Salary Processing

“D M Account” offers a complete salary processing. We keep high standards of confidentiality, concerning the given data.

Our services include:

  • Registration and re-registration of labour contracts;
  • Preparing a monthly pay-roll and payslips;
  • Preparing labour contracts;
  • Preparing the documents for terminating labour contracts;
  • Giving information for insured persons in the register of National Insurance Institute;
  • Preparing payment orders and documents for on-line banking;
  • Preparing certificates, calculating the sums for sick days and full-pay leave;
  • Representing in front of the social insurance authorities during inspections;
  • Preparing pay-rolls in English;
  • Accounting for the expenses of different sections and on different projects;

Our information system is adapted to the requirements of Bulgarian legislation in terms of income taxes and social insurance fees.

Human Resources

Labour Code points out the specific requirements and liabilities for the employers. “D M Account” helps its clients to be abreast with all the changes in the regulations about human resources.

We do the following services:

  • Preparing documents for appointment and release;
  • Preparing job descriptions;
  • Organization of the personal records of the staff;
  • Assistance for the medical tests of the employees, required by the labour legislation;
  • Assistance in inspections by inspecting organs.