“D M Account” does thorough multiversion projecting, analyzing, evaluation, managing and optimizing the financial flows, the critical business ratios, the key management factors, the co-operative value and the financial risk. Net current asset value and internal rate of return on investment are defined.

The research, done by the company, sum up incoming operative information and many financial reports and pro-forma reports in a current financial model. The pro-forma financial reports meet the requirements of the Bulgarian and the international accounting standards.

Financial Analyses
The financial analyses of companies and organizations functioning on different levels include preparing and making full financial reports and pro-forma reports in the formats “Financial Accounting” and “Management Accounting” for different purposes, evaluation of the results of every economic activity and financial control.

Financial Rationales
The financial rationales are made for raising share capital, in declaring obligation loans, in demanding for granting or restructuring credits for investment and working capital. The rationales are made by “D M Account” in accordance with the international standards and meet the specific requirements of Bulgarian and foreign bank and nonbank institutions in terms of requisites, contents and form.
Financial Valuations
Valuation of shares of companies’ capital, particular parts of enterprises, etc. is based on and made by our company in accordance with the requirements of unified standards for professional business valuation of US Association of Valuers and the standards and methods of business valuation in accordance with the Bulgarian normative regulations.
Business Plan
Business Plans are complete researches for financial expedience in realizing of investment projects, other business projects and programs for development of trade companies with defining the business tasks for their management personnel. The researches done by “D M Account” meet the highest international standards in terms of financial forecasts, modeling, analyses and valuations.